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Candles feature in many of the worlds ceremonies. A large number of burning candles can be truly spectacular. They can define a path or edge a ceremony. The arrangement above symbolises the four classic Greek elements of Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Candles can be purely decorative or they may play a symbolic role in a wedding ceremony. The large pillar candle from a unity candle ceremony can be relit on each anniversary. I supply extra tapers to last many years
The interwoven continuous lines of the Celtic love knot symbolise the eternity of love and the journey of two lovers through life together.
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If you are seeking a marriage celebrant to perform a wedding ceremony in Grafton, Yamba, Maclean or elsewhere in the Clarence Valley my availability is indicated on the calendar below. This calendar is for September 2010, other months can be accessed from the menu above or with the navigation arrows below. If

you are planning your wedding for a more popular month you may need to book your wedding celebrant some time in advance, perhaps more than a year. I only perform one wedding ceremony per day, sometimes I may be able to perform a morning naming ceremony on the same day as I have an afternoon wedding ceremony to perform. If my calendar indicates I am booked I may be able to recommend another marriage celebrant, please contact me.

September weather in the Clarence Valley is ideal for a wedding. July is our coldest month of the year , during August the days become a couple of degrees warmer and a little warmer again in September. Graftons 50yr mean maximum temperature for September is a warm 24.8 (°C). Mean 3pm temperature, a popular wedding time is 23.6 (°C). September is a low humidity month with an average 3pm humidity of 44.0%. Average rainfall for September here in Grafton is 36.7mm. Rain falls on about 5 of September's 30 days or about 1 day in 6. September is Grafton's driest month. Winds are mild with an average 3pm wind speed of 17 km/h.
Statistics favour a fine day but it could be wise to still allow for rain and have an alternative wet weather venue. Have ushers on stand-by to redirect guests to the alternative venue and have a list of contact numbers ready.

Two individual taper candles are used to light the pillar candle in a unity candle ceremony. The two small single flames unite to produce the greater stronger warmer flame. Greater than the sum of its parts.When children have a role in the ceremony they too, each have a candle & share in the lighting of the main pillar candle..