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The interwoven continuous lines of the Celtic love knot symbolise the eternity of love and the journey of two lovers through life together.
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Author Unknown
Amazing Grace (Wedding Version)
Amazing grace that seeks to bring
Two hearts and minds in one;
with thanks to God now let us sing
And pray that blessings come.

With faith and trust does each one give
A pledge that never dies
That through the days, they both shall live
To build yet stronger ties.

There's greatness always to be found
in every marriage bond
Where people to their vows stay bound
And to God's grace respond.

May happiness and peace and calm
Be theirs as time goes on;
Protect them Lord from every harm
And may their love grow strong.
Displayed here in a crystal tea-light candle holder,  little acrylic jewels like these can be used as part of the signing table decoration. Decoration of the signing tabe & the choice of table & chairs  is decided upon by the couple as part of the ceremony planning. I have a large range of items that can be used to add a little extra to the table.  The sparkle of little jewels like these adds a twinkling fantasy element that looks great in the wedding photographs. You will find pictures of dressed tables where these have been used & also other accessories  that I can supply throughout my website & on my blog.  Special Touches such as this are included in my standard fee.

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