Sharron Todd Marriage Celebrant
The interwoven continuous lines of the Celtic love knot symbolise the eternity of love and the journey of two lovers through life together.
Reading 3
Author Unknown
A Marriage Blessing
As you enter into the little world
that you promised to make brighter for each other
may He who harnesses the waves and hangs the sun
out in the sky and puts the song in the birds especially bless you
and make your marriage a good and a happy one!
Love is indeed “a many splendored thing!”
When it is given and returned

it enriches both the Lover and the Beloved.
And as long as two people love each other
nothing in this world is too difficult or too impossible,
for wanting to do something for the one you love
takes all the burden out of it and the roughest way
becomes smooth when you can travel it hand in hand.

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