Sharron Todd Marriage Celebrant
The interwoven continuous lines of the Celtic love knot symbolise the eternity of love and the journey of two lovers through life together.
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Author Unknown
You can give without loving,
but you can never love without giving.
The great acts of love are done by those
who are habitually performing small acts of kindness.
We pardon to the extent that we love.
Love is knowing that even when you are alone,
you will never be lonely again.
And great happiness of life is the conviction
that we are loved.
Loved for ourselves.
And even loved in spite of ourselves.
Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificates

During the marriage ceremony, the marrying couple , the celebrant & two witnesses sign two types of certificates & the marriage register. The certificate shown left is known colloquially as "The Pretty Certificate", although it is numbered & it's issue is recorded it has no legal significance it's purpose is largely ceremonial & it serves as a reminder of the wonderful day, it is kept by the couple. The other certificate, form 14 is sent by the Marriage Celebrant to the state Registrar of Birth Deaths & Marriages, from this form the registrar records details of the marriage. The marriage register is held & maintained by the marriage celebrant.

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