The Marriage Process with your Civil Celebrant.

Selecting a Celebrant

The journey starts with choosing your Celebrant and each marriage Celebrant has their own style. Some couples have seen a particular Celebrant perform a wedding ceremony & make their choice from this experience. Most wedding Celebrants will have a website. Wedding expos & local wedding guides will also have contact details for local Celebrants. You will find dates of local Grafton & Clarence Valley expos in my website calendar section, I also indicate regional events. Meet with some Celebrants, discuss your preferences and ask any questions you may have. It will be easy to find someone with whom you are comfortable. Having the right Celebrant for you will contribute to the beauty and enjoyment of your special day.

Confirm & Reserve the Wedding Date

My policy is to accept only one wedding booking per day this allows me to focus on your ceremony. Like most celebrants I require a deposit to reserve the date. Upon receipt of a $100.00 deposit, I amend my web calendar to indicate a wedding has been booked.

The interwoven continuous lines of the Celtic love knot symbolise the eternity of love and the journey of two lovers through life together.

Initial consultation

Preparation and submission
of required documentation

Assistance with preparation of
vows and order of service

Loan of sample ceremony albums,
a collection of over 200 suitable readings & books from my extensive personal


Perform the wedding ceremony

Lodgement of required documentation

Travel to and from consultations,
rehearsal and wedding ceremony

Provision of public address system

Provision of signing table and chairs

Album containing a copy of the service
which is read from on the day & kept as
a memento by the couple.
You can see a sample album here.

Celebrate a Marriage

My 2015 fee is $580 which includes


You will need to meet with your Celebrant to provide proof of identity and your eligibility to marry. Proof of identity is typically your birth certificate. Eligibility to marry may be proof of age or sighting & copying of divorce papers. I can advise you of the documents required before the meeting. At this initial meeting I start to gather information to begin planning the wording and the style of ceremony you would like. I offer sample wedding ceremonies as a guide and explain the order of service.

Complete & Return Notice of Intention to Marry

The Attorney General requires that a notice of intention to marry (NOIM) be received by that department during a specific time frame, I will assist you to complete the notice and then forward the completed and signed form to the department.

The Wedding Ceremony

Some planning is required for the wedding ceremony to flow smoothly. Specific parts are necessary for the ceremony to be legal, as your wedding Celebrant will advise you about these. You can add ritual, poems and readings and of course, include your own unique vows. After a script for the ceremony has been written and agreed upon, it is printed for the ceremony. I use booklets similar to the one shown here which contains an actual ceremony. This booklet becomes your personal memento of your wedding day. You can see a sample ceremony booklet here.


Couples may choose to have a rehearsal, Celebrants are required by the Attorney-General to attend and conduct a rehearsal if requested. Having a rehearsal offers benefits including communicating to other members of the party what is required of them on the wedding day. The wedding party will experience the full ceremony & gain an understanding of the timing & procedure. For couples who are not experienced with a microphone, a rehearsal is an opportunity to practise, I am experienced with my P.A.system & will be able to assist.

On the Wedding Day

On the wedding day the celebrant will arrive early to dress the signing table & assemble the P.A. The P.A. is checked & sound levels are set. The Groom & his attendants usually arrive before the bride. The party assembles with the celebrant & awaits the arrival of the bride & her entourage. After a respectful moments silence the celebrant will commence the ceremony. This is a typical ceremony it is an order of ceremony that has developed over hundreds of years it can be the basis of your ceremony or you may choose someting different. I have printed albums of ceremonies available for loan to client couples.

Couples can also borrow from my extensive library.

In Australia couples can choose to have a marriage ceremony solemnised by a Minister of Religion (a religious celebrant) or have their wedding ceremony conducted by a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant.

The only persons able to legally solemnise marriages in Australia are authorised marriage celebrants under the Marriage Act 1961. We are approved by the Attorney-General's department, and are thoroughly familiar with the Marriage Act 1961 and the Marriage Regulations 1963, as well as laws and regulations that may impact on a marriage ceremony. All authorised marriage celebrants are included in the register of marriage celebrants or the list of authorised marriage celebrants. You can verify my credentials here.

The legal and other obligations of a marriage celebrant cannot be performed by anyone but an authorised celebrant.
A celebrant will guide you through the legal aspects of becoming married and also give as much assistance as you may require to plan & prepare for the wedding ceremony. If you think I may be a suitable celebrant to conduct your ceremony please contact me, we can arrange a casual meeting and discuss your requirements, there is no charge or obligation. Some couples meet with several celebrants, some are comfortable immediately.