Sharron Todd Civil Marriage Celebrant Grafton Yamba Maclean Clarence Valley

This weathered doorway and brickwork are in Kemp Street. Grafton. Part of the old Pullen's produce store circa 1917 the building is now occupied by Community Programs.

The long area of brickwork can make a dramatic photographic background for a large group. The distressed bricks present an extreme textural contrast to formal attire. The doorway can be used to produce an interesting frame for a bride and groom photograph.

Facing South West the wall presents well to the afternoon light.

Memorial Park is nearby as are the Crown and Post Office Hotels.
The interwoven continuous lines of the Celtic love knot symbolise the eternity of love and the journey of two lovers through life together.
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If you are seeking a marriage celebrant to perform a wedding ceremony in Grafton, Yamba, Maclean or elsewhere in the Clarence Valley my availability is indicated on the calendar below. This calendar is for February 2012, other months can be accessed from the menu above or with the navigation arrows below. If you are planning your wedding for a more popular month you may need to book your wedding celebrant some time in advance, perhaps more than a year. I only perform one wedding ceremony per day, sometimes I may be able to perform a morning naming ceremony on the same day as I have an afternoon wedding ceremony to perform. If my calendar indicates I am booked I may be able to recommend another marriage celebrant, please contact me.

The Clarence valley is still busy with visitors & accommodation can be hard to find.
February is the second hottest month of the year here in the Clarence Valley with Graftons 50yr mean maximum temperature being 29.3 (°C). Mean 3pm temperature, a popular wedding time is 28.1 (°C. February is the most humid month of the year with an average 3pm humidity of 60%. Average rainfall for February here is 148.5mm making it the wettest moth of the year with rain falling on about 11 of February's 28 or 29 days or about 1 day in 3. Afternoons are a common time for rain to fall.
If your wedding is outdoors allow for the heat. Use shade where you can and consider hats and dress cool. River breezes in Memorial Park can help & the fountain in See park seems to lower the temperature by a few degrees on a hot day.
Allow for rain and have an alternative wet weather venue.