The interwoven continuous lines of the Celtic love knot symbolise the eternity of love and the journey of two lovers through life together.
For every wedding or naming ceremony I produce an album which is read from on the day and afterwards is kept by the couple or parents. The album pages are printed using a high resolution xerox commercial colour laser onto coated premium paper, Xerox Colortec. The ceremonies are presented in fabric covered albums with acid free sleeves. The memento album will last for many years, the fabric covers unfortunately are not light fast so the album should be wrapped in black light blocking paper. Store in a dry insect free environment. For Clarence couples consider the flood level. I can also provide an archive copy on disc, these discs are rated by Kodak to last 200 years, some couples give a disc to the family historian. The wedding ceremonies below are only some of my sample ceremonies, some of these scripts are from real weddings others are just examples I have written. Some of the couples are real others fictious. I produce the script in conjunction with the couple, I can be as active or inactive in this role as you choose. Some ceremony are totally unique but more usually they are created from a combination of sections from other ceremonies with unique parts added as well. There are a couple of parts of a ceremony that must be included for the marriage to be lawful but a ceremony can be anything you choose it to be, short and sweet, formal, casual or themed. The ceremony can include rituals such as sand ceremonies or hand fastening. Children can have a role in the ceremony. I hope you enjoy browsing these ceremonies. For potential & client couples I have other sample ceremonies available.